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Silent Word Ministries, established in 1966, is a missionary/evangelistic outreach to deaf people, families and churches; writing and printing fundamental Bible materials that can be trusted. Our goal is to win people to Christ, to help build deaf ministries; to establish deaf ministries; to strengthen Deaf people into mature Christians with sound Bible literature. We are a Biblically fundamental, non-profit, tax exempt ministry to the deaf. We are unique in that we specialize in deaf ministry.

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  • Your Presence Means More Than Your Presents December 17, 2014

    What do kids really need for Christmas? A man came home late from work to find his seven-year-old son waiting for him at the door. The first thing out of the child’s mouth ...


  • Is There a Burr Under Your Saddle? September 10, 2014

    Why is it that we think we can hide things from God?  We teach and believe that He knows everything, and yet it seems we think that we can hide some ...


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